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About me and this journal

Me in RL: An over-educated Icelandic female with an overabundance of imagination.

Me in fandom: Fandom is this crazy constant world of escapism for me. Over the years I've changed fandoms though usually I retain my appreciation for my old ones. It really all began with Harry Potter but along the way I've been into LotR and LotRsp, Supernatural and CW RPS, figure skating and am currently way into Glee. There are other TV shows and stuff I like and I like to blab about from time to time (and even post fic...) In general, I like sharing in the passion that fandom can muster up, even if I don't share that particular fannish passion.

This journal is semi friends-only, mostly due to personal circumstances. I've locked some old entries that were previously open. What will remain open for all are fic posts, art posts and some fandom posts.

About friending. Feel free to friend me but due to the personal nature of this journal, I don’t add people back automatically. Please be so kind to introduce yourself in the post at the top or in a message or an email.

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